Policies you can believe in

There's no point having protection unless it pays out.

At Guardian we're committed to providing fairer, clearer policies that are easy to understand and all our customers can truly believe in. Here’s how:

We use crystal clear policy wording - there's no room for ambiguity.

We don't have exclusions hidden in our terms and conditions.

Our flexible products allow your Financial Adviser to build a policy that's exactly right for you.

We apply a broad definition for most illnesses so you're better protected.

In many cases, we only need confirmation from a consultant before we pay.

You can nominate beneficiaries when you apply, so your Life Protection payout is not delayed by probate.

Trusted protection is the product of the best possible advice and the best possible cover. That's why we only sell our policies through Financial Advisers.

Duncan Mosely

Operations Director

Better is in the detail

For us, 'better' isn't about changing one big thing. It's about constantly improving lots of little things that collectively make a big difference.

So, here are the 5 key benefits of choosing Guardian.

Each one is substantiated by the little things we've done to challenge 'typical' and make 'better' a reality.

  1. Products. Better by definition.

  2. Forward-thinking underwriting.

  3. Liberating technology.

  4. Fairness. Redefined.

  5. More meaningful customer care.