The typical way

Often if you want separate life cover and critical illness cover it can be too expensive. So, many people apply for combined life and critical illness instead.

This means people who need to make a critical illness claim can be left without life cover, when arguably they may now have a greater need for it.

The Guardian way

We offer a multi-benefit discount when you apply for both life cover and critical illness cover on the same application.

This discount keeps the cost competitive against typical combined policies but gives you 2 potential pays outs.

So, if you ever need to make a critical illness claim, you’ll still have your life cover in place.

We also offer Combined Life and Critical Illness Protection. Your Financial Adviser will recommend the right policy for you.

joint life

The typical way

To benefit from the discounts offered with a joint policy, couples must take out the same amount of cover over the same term. And it only pays out once.

The person who's left now has no cover and may be uninsurable. Or, the insurance may be really expensive due to age.

The Guardian way

Our technology allows us to offer you a dual life policy, which means you and your partner each have your own individual cover. But because you applied together, we give you a multi-life discount.

And because both of you have your own cover, if one of you claims the other will still be protected. So there could be 2 payouts.

children's critical illness

The typical way

Many providers automatically include children’s critical illness cover as part of the policy. The amount covered is usually limited to £25,000 or a maximum of 25% of the policy.

Everyone pays for it in the premium, whether they have children or not, and typically you can only have it with adult critical illness cover.

The Guardian way

At Guardian, we believe you should be able to choose whether you want it and how much you want, and attach it to any adult policy. That means it’s readily available if you have children, but premiums are kept to a minimum if you don’t. This is possible with our technology.

Children’s Critical Illness Protection can be added to any parent’s life, critical illness or combined life and critical illness policy. You can choose any amount between £10,000 and £100,000, to a maximum of the amount you’re covered for yourself.

What’s more, it can be added to a policy at any time in the future, so your cover can grow as your family grows. It can be removed at any time too.