8 December 2021


Protection challenger Guardian is adding neurological occupational therapy partner, Krysalis Consultancy, to its bespoke claims service, HALO. This new partnership will give Guardian’s critical illness claimants and their families access to specialist advice and support to navigate the challenges of a neurological diagnosis. The service is for those living with Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, and Stroke survivors, or those who have incurred injuries to the brain, spine, or central nervous system.  

Krysalis Consultancy was founded by clinical director, Jo Throp, in 2006. ‘Neuro-Logical’ is Krysalis’ new service for protection insurance partners, created in 2021 in response to an ever-growing gap in provision of consistent community based neurological rehabilitation; a gap widened by a lack of knowledge and understanding of the needs of this group of people, and deepened by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For critical illness claimants, ‘Neuro-Logical’ offers assessment, support and treatment for those living with a neurological condition. The service is focused on the challenges individuals and families face at home, helping them to understand how their neurological symptoms can impact on relationships, wellbeing and valued everyday activities.

For insurance partners like Guardian, in addition to providing specialist advice and support for claimants, the ‘Neuro-Logical’ service will gather data to build a comprehensive picture of the service’s impact and ensure its continual improvement.

The ‘Neuro-Logical’ service:

  • Offers claimants and their families a specialist report with tailored advice, strategies, and insights to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to feel more in control.
  • Delivers bespoke therapeutic support sessions to overcome challenges and develop understanding of the extent and impact of a diagnosis, so helping individuals to improve, adjust and plan.
  • Acts as a vital springboard, providing direct access to experts at the right time according to needs and diagnosis, so reducing the risk of deterioration or crisis situations.
  • Provides insights about service offerings from the NHS, as well as charitable and independent sectors, and helps individuals to navigate support options where provision maybe limited.
  • Is a portal to a trusted provider for those who choose to pursue ongoing, self-funded rehabilitation; reassured that they are working with experts.


Phil Deacon, Head of Claims, Guardian, said: “The impact of a neurological condition can be huge, both for the person affected and for those closest to them. Many find it difficult to function and interact as they did before, which can be very upsetting. We want to help our critical illness claimants live the best life possible following their diagnosis, so we’re very proud to add ‘Neuro-Logical’ to our HALO claims service. Right now, access to specialist neurological support is more important than ever. Earlier this year, Neurological Alliance data* showed there were over 10,000 people who’d been waiting more than a year for an NHS neurology or neurosurgery appointment.”

Jo Throp, Clinical Director, Krysalis Consultancy, said:“Guardian is our first insurance partner and we are delighted to be able to help their critical illness customers. The collaboration between both companies will show how an innovative and solution focused approach can address a significant un-met need. Krysalis understands first-hand the challenges faced by individuals and their families following a neurological diagnosis. The consequences of these conditions can be broad and far reaching, from those living with ‘hidden disability’ to those with profound needs who struggle with everyday routines.

“Individuals and families face challenges every day due to their symptoms and barriers due to lack of specialist provision and services. They face a lack of understanding and preconceptions regarding potential, as well as societal and physical environmental barriers and lack of opportunity. Our ‘Neuro-Logical’ service seeks to challenge this by empowering individuals and providing therapeutic support to increase wellbeing, and guidance to navigate the best treatment. We are delighted that Guardian recognise the importance of this service and its potential to make a difference.”

This addition to Guardian’s existing HALO partners, RedArc and Legacare, further strengthens the protection challenger’s claims service. Guardian’s claims team are trained to listen carefully to every person and use their experience to find the right support for their needs. This support can range from help with legal matters, to emotional support, counselling, financial assistance, and now also access to specialist support for those needing help to ‘live well’ with a neurological condition.


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