Covid-19 adviser update

9 April 2020

Continuing to underwrite applications and offer customers cover remains our top priority despite the fact that face-to-face medicals are no longer an option. So we’re happy to be able to share some good news on this. From today, we’re the first protection provider to pilot the new remote medical screening service launched by MSS last week.

This new service means that where we previously needed a face-to-face nurse screening due to a disclosure made on the application, MSS can carry out a remote screening by video instead. If needed, they’ll send a ‘kit pack’ in advance of the call which includes a disposable tape measure as well as a home-test self-collect finger-prick blood testing kit.

MSS will contact the client to let them know what to expect and to arrange the video appointment. And they’ll talk them through each step of the process.

Considering everyone has a little more spare time at home these days, we expect these appointments to be completed quicker than face-to-face appointments might have been.

“COVID-19 has made it significantly more difficult for those needing medical screenings to get access to insurance. At Guardian, we feel strongly that those who need life and critical illness cover should be able to access it. So, we were keen to be the first to pilot the new remote screening solution offered by our partner, Medical Screening Solutions. It’s great that they’ve moved so quickly to find an alternative to face-to-face screening. At this stage, the arrangement is only a pilot, but if successful we see this becoming an important part of our toolkit for the future.” Julie Hopkins, Director of Underwriting & Claims Strategy

How will I know if my client qualifies?
Once you’ve submitted the application, our underwriters will review the disclosures made. They’ll then contact you and your client directly to let you know the next steps and whether the application will be part of the pilot.

What happens after the pilot?
If the pilot is successful, we hope to roll this out more widely and make it an option for the longer term. We know this virtual approach will suit some clients better than a nurse visiting them at home, so it’s good to be flexible. We’ll keep you updated on that.

Does this mean I can apply for cover above the non-medical limits now?
No, all applications for cover above our non-medical limits will be restricted to the maximum cover available, based on the applicants age.

We’ve increased all our Life Protection non-medical limits by 10% for clients age 60 and under, for all new and pipeline applications. If an application is above our current non-medical limits the application will be referred to underwriting to deal with this manually. We’ll reduce the amount of cover to our non-medical limits and issue terms on that basis. You’ll find all our limits here.